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Since 2011, Academy of Health Sciences started providing medical courses for students in order to save life of people and reduce injuries. Since that day till this moment, the academy had developed and great steps had been achieved. Our story is great and its manifested by saying: higher education during times of war.

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“Saving life of people is important, teaching students to save life of people is noble.”

Dr. Abdullah Abdulaziz Alhaji, Founder and President

Who We Are

Academy of Health Sciences is an academic, not-for-profit, private  institution of higher education established in 2011 in Syria with the charter granted by the Council of Higher Education. The stated aim of the academy is to work in close partnership with the national, regional and international academic entities and institutions on the bases of mutual understanding in addition to provide high education medical studies for students. Currently, Academy of Health Sciences has been running School of Paramedics, School of Nursing and School of Physical Therapy. The academy has adopted a curriculum that emphasizes on academic health and academic teaching


Moments of War

In 2012, it was certain that clashes and protests are going to take a very long time but it was also certain that a larger amount of people are going to be injured. The need for a qualified educational centre to train students to rescue those who are injured was a must. In the mid of 2012, protests started to move to the style of a civil war and heavy weapons appeared for the first time in this war. Thousands of casualties and injuries; damage to the infrastructures and total destruction to major cities and streets. During this phase, Academy of Health Sciences was scheduling paramedic courses for trainees in order to save the life of as much as possible life of people.


In the years of 2014-2015, waves of refugees were invading Europe and the war was fiercer inside Syria. Academy of Health Sciences was taking part of teaching larger amounts of groups in various courses and categories like: Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Emergency War Wounded Care, EMT   Basic, Hospital Emergency Rome Care, Basic Life Support (BLS), Traumatic Stress, Psychological Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury. In 2015, Academy of Health Sciences trained more than 1000 students in major fields and specialties like EMT – Basic, BLS, Transportation of injured, Effect of Chemical weapons and First responder. During the second half of 2015, Academy of Health Sciences started performing nursing stages for students. The countless amount of injured had led to countless amount of disabilities. Due to our ethical responsibility, we decided to start performing physical therapy studies for students in order to rehabilitate those of disabilities. During this time, organized assassination was taking place which lead the majority of intellectual personalities to escape to Germany, Britain, USA and France. The minority who preferred to stay were planning to do something useful for the Syrian people (this was the case for Academy of Health Sciences’ team). This resulted in the severe shortage of holders of high degrees in all academic disciplines. This is a problem that we suffer from.


What we teach our students is that we only live once, and they only live once.

Saving life is extremely important so, our students should have the courage, passion, adventure and consistency to fight time in order to save life of patents and help them as much as possible.

Planning is important and if you failed to plan, failure is going to be your destiny.

Nelson Mandela once said, There is no passion to be found playing small.

Be courageous and save live!


In 2011, the Syrian war has started on March, 15th. Most of people expected that it would not ever last for more than 3 months but unexpectedly for them, and to the surprise of all people, it seemed at that time that it would take a longer time… much more than it was expected.

Academy of Health Sciences was established at the last few weeks of 2011 as an urgent need for the needs of that time. Many people were participating in the marches and protests and clashes occurred and led to injures. Those injures were to be cured as soon as possible and that was the spark of the academy.


Pain and Suffer

In 2013, the destruction of cities and villages was organized. The theme of the war took the form of proxy war. Each parties of the war were supported by certain allies and each team was everything possible to gain war, regardless of the amount of destruction or the rocket rise of number of casualties. AHS at this phase was focusing to reduce injuries as much as possible to rescue life of people. New courses regarding Chemical materials and gazes effects were taught due to the usage of chemical weapons. Our role was both to teach and heal and so we did. We were doing our best to reduce pain on the first place, and to teach students best practices later.


Since 2016, the militant state of Syria was obvious. Syria was divided between regime areas and opposition areas.  In this regard, Academy of Health Sciences started its new phase of building Syria up again, or to be more specific, building the Northern of Syria again because the main activity of the academy was the opposition areas and not those of the regime’s areas. It is worth mentioning that the academy held different names since its establishment and it is worth mentioning that the headquarter of the academy was targeted in 2016 which lead to a total destruction of that building and injury of few lecturers inside. It is also important that many lecturers of the academy passed away due to targeting them of airplanes.

Since then, the academy had its own prospect: a non-for-profit private university with three schools (Paramedics – Nursing – Physical Therapy). The academy receive no fees from students because the commercial and financial situation of students extremely difficult to pay even a euro! A student shall admit, receive his notebooks and courses, had recommendation and room at the campus, submit for examinations, graduate and receive their degree without paying anything. It is totally free because it is part of our ethical responsibility towards humanity. The operational fees are paid by one of our partners.

Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is evil

Save life, save people, teach them.