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At the beginning of each academic year, the Academy of Health Sciences receives students.

At the beginning of each academic year, the Academy of Health Sciences receives students.

  1. Decisions to admit a student to study undergraduate must be taken in accordance with the policies of admission.
  2. An offer to study for an academic degree is only valid for a limited period of time, normally two months. If an applicant wishes to defer the start of their study, they do this in the knowledge that the Academy may not be in a position to offer a place to study at a later stage.
  3. except where permission has been given for the thesis and the oral examination to be in both English and Arabic.
  4. English is mainly used with Arabic during course study and for that reason, students are advised to enter English course before admission. Students should focuses upon the four component sections (writing, reading, listening and speaking).
  5. Applicants for Physical Therapy course must apply for full-time registration.


Admission shall follow the following procedures:

  • Relevant application form;
  • Cover Letter (approx. 1000 words) detailing:
  • ID photos #4
  • Evidence of relevant qualification(s);
  • Two references (at least one should normally be academic);
  • Adequate proof of identity (ID or Passport).
  • A commitment of the student to abide by the laws, policies and procedures of the Academy.
  • Applicants may send the previous documents by hand to the office of the academy.

The following questions shall be addressed:

  • Why you are interested in studying at the academy?
  • How you propose to carry out your study?
  • How you think your study might contribute to the development of society and ceasing the effects of war?


Before an offer of a place is made, applicants are normally interviewed at the centre of the academy both theoretical and practical tests in order to be sure that they are adequate to study at the academy.

A Whatsapp, or video interview (i.e. via Skype) with the candidate may be arranged for those who cannot come due to extremely difficult circumstances. The interview should cover the following points:

  • The previous educational, study and relevant occupational experience of the applicant;
  • Their previous study training and its compliance with the Academy requirements;
  • Any gaps in skills needed to undertake the proposed academic degree;
  • Their understanding of the study degree process and their motivation to undertake an academic degree at the academy.

After the first admission, students are supposed to submit for placement test in order to measure their level. After passing the placement examination, they are submitted to an interview with a committee in order to guarantee the correctness of their information. After passing the interview, the admission committee gather and announce the GPA of all students who registered for study at the academy. Only the most qualified ones are accepted (acceptance rate is 60%).

The details and certificates of the finale group are to be admitted and published on online platforms.


All announcements, dates, information, holidays, timetables, contact details, etc, are published online on our website, Facebook fan page, Facebook closed groups, Telegram groups, Whatsapp Groups and contact groups of the academy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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